Teaching biology is my passion. I have worked with students ranging from second grade to upper division university as well as with elementary and high school teachers. Currently, I am teaching an innovative undergraduate course that asks students to think critically about grand challenges in science and technology that we face. I look forward to continuing to provide students with an innovative and high-quality biology education.

Teaching Experience

Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow, Chapman University, Orange, CA (Fall 2017 – Present)

Developing and employing evidence-based approaches to empowering first semester freshmen (mostly STEM majors) to solve interdisciplinary problems by way of developing the skills necessary to evaluate and synthesize evidence, work productively and inclusively as a team, and communicate effectively.

Adjunct Professor, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA (Spring 2015)

I developed and instructed an upper-division course for biology majors entitled “Population Ecology” at University of Redlands, a private liberal arts university, while I was a graduate student at UC Riverside. This course included content on population theory and population genetics. Course activities included field trips and a term paper.

Teaching Assistant, University of California, Riverside, CA (Winter 2011)

I served as the teaching assistant and laboratory instructor for a non-majors biology course. This course covered a wide range of topics including physiology, ecology and evolution with an emphasis on humans.

San Joaquin Regional Coordinator, Center for Land-Based Learning, Winters, CA (2008-2010)

For two years before beginning my graduate work I coordinated habitat restoration and sustainable agriculture education programs for high school students. The focus of these programs was hands-on place-based learning about the process of restoration, sustainable agriculture and leadership.

Guest Participation in Courses

California’s Cornucopia: A non-majors plant biology course (UC Riverside, spring 2011, spring 2013, spring 2014): I led tours of the Citrus Variety Collection at UC Riverside for students in a non-majors course on California agriculture. On these tours students were exposed to and tasted a subset of the hundreds of varietals of citrus and citrus relatives in the most diverse collection of citrus in North America.

Freshman Advising Seminar: Freshman Scholars Learning Community (UC Riverside, Fall 2012): I organized and led a panel about getting research experience during undergraduate education for an introductory advisory seminar co-taught by Dr. Norman Ellstrand and advising staff from the College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Office. The goal of this seminar is to prepare incoming college students to be effective and successful college students.